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Promote and earn commissions by sharing work from your favorite creators, businesses and vendors.

Awesome Features

Flixerpay has been carefully built to promote creators and businesses

Paid-to-View Content

Earn for watching videos,ads, and movies in your spare time.

Influencer Marketplace

Start a campaign with a bounty for influencers you choose.

WhatsApp TVs Directory

Connect with WhatsApp TV owners for ads and promotion.

Digital Store

Sell your books and earn from sharing for others too.

Vendors Directory

Connect with vendors on various social platforms.

Youtube Channels

Find the best YouTube content creators in your country.

Flixerpay for Individuals

Earn commissions by promoting and reviewing influencers, vendors/businesses.

Find legit businesses

Find and deal with verified vendors and businesses. Get paid commissions when you refer and review them.

Watch Videos/Ads

Earn points for things you already do online, such as watching and sharing videos.

Flixerpay for Influencers

With Flixerpay everyone is an influencer.

Discover New Brands

No contracts. No gimmicks. You’re in control of which campaign you want to be a part of.

Negotiate & Get Paid

Negotiate your rates and manage all your payments through our influencer payment portal.

Concise Insights

Monitor and learn about your audience growth all from your influencer profile.

Flixerpay for businesses

Start campaigns, connect with creators and boost your reach

Promote your business

Real people help you get found locally. Advertise your products and services on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Effective Marketing Channels

Take advantage of a full range of marketing channels that work together in one place to help you attract and engage consumers.

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